Our projects

We develop and manufacture electronic system components for industrial applications since 1985. Our primary focuses are modern embedded computer systems which are based on ARM and X86 architectures.

Panel PC – embedded NUC™

In this case the eN-GXSOC SBC builds the core component of a robust Panel PC in an aluminium housing with stand. The display unit of the Panel PC is a 13.3” IPS Full HD TFT with projective capacitive Touch glass. The eDP connection between the TFT display and the SBC is established via a one to one standard micro coax cable with I-PEX connector on each side. The back of the housing holds the water protected USB and Ethernet connectors.
The embedded YOCTO™ Linux operating system with the user application is loaded from a fast mSATA SSD drive. The operational area of the Panel PC is an electronic shooting range. The computer unit is connected over LAN with an electronic shooting frame. If a shot hits the shooting frame the exact position will be displayed on the screen of the Panel PC. The results are collected and transferred to a server in the network system.