Our company

We develop and manufacture electronic system components for industrial applications since 1985. Our primary focuses are modern embedded computer systems which are based on ARM and X86 architectures.

Hardware development

We offer our customers know-how and expertise in the area of electronic development, system-level integration and production of complex electronic products.

Qualified project planning and many years of experience in the electronic hard- and software development business enable us to assure the success of our customers.

Tailored to the customer’s special requirements, the development and engineering of hard- and software components can be drawn on as an individual performance or as a project.

Software development

Complex methods of testing under real conditions make it possible to guarantee our customers a successful serial production.

The project realization also includes certification processes. Additionally, product maintenance and further development are provided by request.

What we do

Hardware development

  • computer on moduls, QSeven, eNuc boards, baseboards
  • Complete systems
  • Box-PC
  • Advanced system electronics, visualization and control, electronics for field buses
  • Electric power supplies

Software development

  • Board Support Packages (BSP)
  • X86 BIOS development
  • UEFI
  • Yocto Linux
  • Chromium Browser
  • Coreboot

System development

  • Construction of casings, frames, cassettes, component part carriers and   foil veneers
  • Creation of system- and manufacture documentations


  • Pre and final assembly
  • EMS manufacture
  • Final test of assembly, equipment and system
  • Specific climate test procedures
  • EMV tests
  • CE certifications


  • SMD components warehouse
  • Complete material logistics

Segment focus

  • Rail and traffic technology
  • Medical technology
  • Plant and mechanical engineering
  • Automation technology

System Quality Control

Our most important goal is the maintenance of consistent, 1st-class products and service. This is carried out through high-quality standards in all areas of the life cycle of our products, from the initial stages of development through to the various customer-friendly services that we offer.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients and through this collaboration are able to ensure that we meet their expectations and never tire of striving to further improve both products and the manufacturing process.


Each member of our highly qualified staff carries in the forefront of their thoughts and actions the desire to reach a 100% quality in all our finished products, thereby enabling us to successfully fulfill the goal of achieving complete customer satisfaction.