Embedded Boxed PC

SMARC-Modul with Intel Atom® x5/x7 E3900

Entirely of aluminium

Fanless Design

Heat dissipation plays a crucial role if the SMARC is to achieve the full performance. This fanless aluminum housing is perfect for absorbing and dissipating heat – so that the Intel Apollolake E39-series processor is guaranteed to work at maximum performance.

Thanks to a lot of dedicated I / O connections, the embedded Boxed Computer can be easily expanded with other wired peripheral devices.


personalize your case

Your logo could be on top of this beatiful enclosure. We are working with SOLIDWORKS®. It let us easily edit the design at any stage in the design process.

We included a heatspreader into the enclosure to make the whole design more functional. This helped to keep the case as low as possible.

This Project was realized with our Building Block



Industrial Internet of Things


Intel Atom E3900 Series for embedded computers in SMARC formfactor

industrial automation and control


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