Single board computer for printing applications

Single core i.MX6 combined with 1GB RAM

Custom SBC for Printing applications

i.MX6 Custom board

The i.MX6 custom Single Board Computer has been designed and developed for 24/7 use in harsh industrial environments. It utilizes an innovative passive cooling system that transfers the thermal power directly to the mounting plate and ensures real long lifecycles of the board and the overall system. The main task of this SBC is to monitor and control a thermal printer.

Reliable and fast SSD mass storage in the form of a eMMC devices also avoids any moving parts in the system. The 1GB RAM memory is furthermore soldered directly to the SBC, increasing shock and vibration resistance and making it perfect for Printig application with many stepper und BLDC motors.The operating system is a customer-specific Yocto image to guarantee maximum performance for the application, without any overhead.The SBC also has an FPGA to control the thermal print head. With this combination, very high printing speeds can be achieved.

expandability for Custom peripheral devices

The single-board computer for printing applications has standard interfaces such as LAN, CAN, USB, RS485 and RS232. In addition user defined sensors, for example light barriers, can be connected directly to the circuit board.


stackablE PCB construction

The development consisted of the CPU module that is already shown above and a motor control unit, more about in Solutions – Motor driver Board.

So we decided to develop a Stack consisting of the CPU module and an overlying motor control unit to keep the maximum height of 30 mm specified by the customer.

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