Single board computer for traffic control systems

Single core i.MX6UltraLite combined with 1GB RAM

Custom SBC for traffic control systems.

i.MX6Ul Custom board

The custom single-board computer is based on the ARM Freescale i.MX6UltraLite Cortex-A9 CPU with 512 MB DDR3 RAM. This SBC has a wide operating temperature and input voltage support of 9 V to 32 V.
Main Field of application is traffic engineering.


expandability for Custom peripheral devices

The main task of this SBC is to log traffic data. The recorded data is transferred both externally via 4G and internally with the help of various interfaces such as RS232, LAN CAN, I²C, USB and  MicroSD-card. The collected data can also be evaluated directly by the assembly. In addition, there are two relays on the board, for example to convert the evaluated data into an action, such as switching certain traffic signs on or off.

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