StandAlone Panel PC

Good heat dissipation due to the completely aluminum housing.

Entirely of aluminium with powder coating

splash-water-protected housing

In this case the eN-GXSOC SBC (Single Board Comuter) builds the core component of a robust Panel PC in an aluminium housing with stand. The display unit of the Panel PC is a 13.3” IPS Full HD TFT with projective capacitive Touch glass.
The eDP connection between the TFT display and the SBC is established via a one to one standard micro coax cable with I-PEX connector on each side.

expandability in waterproofed

On the back of the case there are two waterproof USB ports and one Ethernet port. As well as a waterproof DC power connector for the power supply of the panel PC and an on / off switch.


Yocto creates a custom Linux Distribution just for you

The embedded YOCTO™ Linux operating system with the user application is loaded from a fast mSATA SSD drive. The operational area of the Panel PC is an electronic shooting range. The computer unit is connected over LAN with an electronic shooting frame. If a shot hits the shooting frame the exact position will be displayed on the screen of the Panel PC. The results are collected and transferred to a server in the network system.


This Project was realized with our Building Block



Industrial Internet of Things


Very compact and highly integrated single board computer with AMD® Embedded G-series SOC, Embedded NUC™ Type 2 “Connectivity” modul 101.6 x 101.6 (4” x 4”)

industrial automation and control


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