eN-GXSOC Touch Panel​

Very robust touch terminal designed for glove operation

proved for harsh industrial environments​

robust Design

The DKeNGX-SOC-TP is a 10.4″ touch panel for web visualization, as well as the visualization of controls with an integrated web server (PLC). The optimized hardware and the integrated Chromium browser, implemented in its own compiled Yocto, ensure a lightning-fast system start and for high performance during operation

Thanks to its ultra-compact design, the DKeNGX-SOC-TP can be installed as a built-in device in any switch cabinet or control panel. With the anodized aluminum front in protection class up to IP65, the touch panel can also be used permanently in harsh industrial environments.

Customize your i/O Connections

Our Building Block iN-GSOC provide a large number of interfaces so that you can decide which are needed for your intended use.

The advantages are obvious – there is a reduction in costs and the risk of incorrect operation or assembly is reduced.



Industrial Internet of Things


Very compact and highly integrated single board computer with AMD® Embedded G-series SOC, Embedded NUC™ Type 2 “Connectivity” modul 101.6 x 101.6 (4” x 4”)

industrial automation and control


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