Logistic PC

Stainless steel control terminal for use in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

stainless steel Case, proved for harsh industrial environments

robust Design

This Solution found place in the tobacco industry. It was developed to be integrated into an existing maschine in order to replace an obsolete Computersystem. The main task of the machine is to produce cigarette tubes. The overall process was monitored by the „Logistic PC“ and controlled via  resistive Touch Panel l with the help of a Siemens PLC. The communication with the PLC is physically based on the serial transmission technology RS485 respectively PROFIBUS. The visualization is shown on a 15″ display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 and can be extended over the VGA port on the backside of this system.


expandability for peripheral devices

A lot of dedicated I / O connections are on backside of this system. These range from four USB2.0 connections to two 100 Mbit Ethernet connections in the form of RJ45 plugs to a PS2 and a serial interface. There is also a CompactFlash on the back for storing data.

Full Stainless Steel housing

Stainless steel as a material is becoming more and more important in many areas of application. Compared to other housing materials, stainless steel is characterized by individual processing options, robustness, high-end surface and many other advantages. Typical areas of application are: food industry, packaging technology, railway technology, process technology, energy technology, areas with harsh or aggressive environments and areas at risk of EMC.


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